Saturday, 16 October 2010

Line tutorial

This is the easiest way to learn your pen control...

First do your pre dots with a textile pen or pencil making sure the dots are nicely spaced with even gaps...

Form a pearl on the tip of the nozzle..move your pen close to your material then apply pressure to create a pearl...

as the pearl size grows you want the base of the pearl to start touching your material...once you have your desired size, do NOT release the pen, just stop applying pressure and gently rotate the nozzle on the pearl tip to form a round finish...then slowly lift away your pen...

Then move along the line using less pressure on your pen with each pearl

Well thats it for today lol Hope you found these tut's helpful and have tons of fun learning to use your pearl pens :D

If you don't have the pleasure of owning these gorgeous pens yet..nip over to 'Fairy Dust Crafts' to have a look at the fab colour selection available :D

Hugs Lexi xxx


  1. VEry cool!! I see it now! Any chance there's a sale on these in the future!!! I would love to get some! Will have to wait to see how much funds are left after Christmas!!!

  2. Having seen this tutorial I've just bought a few. I can't wait to play with them!


  3. They are fabulous I love them! :D I'll pack up your order today my lovely and I'll get it in the post first thing Monday morning xx


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